Saturday, October 25, 2014

Some time in Cannon Beach...

Well, by the time we got to Cannon Beach, it was double-dumpin' rain! 
So, we ducked into my favorite shop and got our fill of eye-candy...

why, oh why, did I not buy this sweet box?? 

the tag said this was an "authentic religious artifact"
unfortunately, it had no date or place of origin - very cool, though

took a shot of these books from across the room - my eyesight is so bad
I didn't even see they were volumes on Ancient History...
how funny! Wish the pic was clearer, though. Shooting with the
'stealth' camera...what can I say?

on the south side of Haystack Rock - beautiful stormy weather! We were literally chased
out of Cannon Beach by the pouring rain and wind!

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