Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Afternoon in Astoria...

Trying to outrun the rain, we headed for Astoria. We had never
had the chance to check out the Flavel mansion, so
today was the day! 

"As one of the best preserved examples of Queen Anne architecture in the Northwest, the Flavel House survives today as a landmark of local and national significance. The house was built in 1884-85, for Captain George Flavel and his family. The Captain, who made his fortune through his occupation as a river bar pilot and through real estate investments, built the Flavel House as his retirement home at the age of 62. The Flavel House has been restored to accurately portray the elegance of the Victorian period and the history of the Flavel family." ~Flavel House Museum

(Oh, and it is pronounced Flaw-vell, with the emphasis on the last syllable.)

in the music room/front parlor

portrait of George Flavel in the music room

butler pantry off the dining room

in the kitchen

yes, that is the tub. Comfy, huh? 

loved all the coal fireplaces that were constructed
with rich and varied hardwoods - beautiful!

closet  of one of the grown daughters

painting of the Columbia for Capt Flavel
please note Mt. St. Helens in the background...look closely

After all that history, we were hungry. We set off to find a place that we had eaten nearly 4 years ago...it was still just as good!

off to the Rogue Public House for
a wonderful lunch...

Ducking around the back of the pier gave us some fabulous views of the river...

how 'bout those photo-bombers?

vintage cannery photo - looks fun, eh? NOT!

Fall in Astoria
Then it we stumbled upon this hidden gem I highly recommend - Vintage Hardware.

Some time in Cannon Beach...

Well, by the time we got to Cannon Beach, it was double-dumpin' rain! 
So, we ducked into my favorite shop and got our fill of eye-candy...

why, oh why, did I not buy this sweet box?? 

the tag said this was an "authentic religious artifact"
unfortunately, it had no date or place of origin - very cool, though

took a shot of these books from across the room - my eyesight is so bad
I didn't even see they were volumes on Ancient History...
how funny! Wish the pic was clearer, though. Shooting with the
'stealth' camera...what can I say?

on the south side of Haystack Rock - beautiful stormy weather! We were literally chased
out of Cannon Beach by the pouring rain and wind!

Morning in Seaside...

gosh, it was really crashin' today

along the Prom during a break in the weather

love this pic!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Seaside, Oregon

Fall semester break. And while Sweetheart entertains family at the beach house, Lis and I head for the Oregon Coast. Here is the view from our 3rd floor room at the beautiful Comfort Inn (where we have received excellent service, by the way!)

looking southward along the canal

northward view across the main drag into Seaside

our room is very comfortable - nicely remodeled and lovely

Adventures in wheat-free dining found us at Doogers -
wonderful service and eager to accommodate our

a blurry pic (not sure what happened here!) of a yummy salmon salad

The weather forecast says rain - and no one is surprised since it is the latter half of October. The leaves were amazing on the way down, and I hope to capture some fall-goodness tomorrow as we trek just a piece down the road to Cannon Beach. Frankly, it has been far too long since a visit to one of my favorite places on earth. So, even though it is raining, I am very much glad to be back on the Oregon Coast.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Good night, sweet Jedi, noble, wise, and true.

Good night, sweet Jedi, noble, wise, and true.
So gentle was he, and too quickly gone.
O Fate, what hast thou brought into my life—
How shall I live when all I love have died?
Yet all things die, and all things pass away,
And all is like the sweeping of the stars
As one doth pass through lightspeed’s rapid blaze.
We know ‘tis true: no mortal does not know
That all are born to feed insatiate death.
But O, what grief we meet along the way:
The knowledge something beautiful is lost,
The deep regret for all unspoken words—
Profound remorse for healing never giv’n.
To wish to hold the dead one’s hand again,
To picture a love’s smile, and know it gone:
These are the pains that human life doth bring,
The heartache and the thousand nat’ral shocks,
That fresh is heir, too. Death shall not be tam’d,
It shall not lose its victory or sting,
Yet it shall never have the best of us
If in our living we have truly liv’d.
To love with bliss, to fight for righteousness,
To heed adventure’s call, to cry with joy,
To laugh amidst life’s greatest heights and depths:
This is the living that doth conquer death,
So ev’n though it shall come, we shall not fear’t.
These lessons let my master’s death teach me,
That my life shall esteem his memory.

~excerpt from The Jedi Doth Return, by Ian Doescher

Saturday, October 18, 2014