Monday, June 29, 2015

"She Who Watches"

This was a must-add for our garden, found just outside of The Dalles, Oregon, at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center.

This is the legend that the elder told Lillian about She Who Watches, and the story that Lillian now tells:

There was this village on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge. 

And this was long ago when people were not yet real people, and that is when we could talk to the animals. 

 And so Coyote — the Trickster — came down the river to the village and asked the people if they were living well. And they said "Yes, we are, but you need to talk to our chief, Tsagaglal. She lives up in the hill." 

So Coyote pranced up the hill and asked Tsagaglal if she was a good chief or one of those evildoers. She said, "No, my people live well. We have lots of salmon, venison, berries, roots, good houses. Why do you ask?" 

And Coyote said, "Changes are going to happen. How will you watch over your people?" And so she didn't know. And it was at that time that Coyote changed her into a rock to watch her people forever.

And now she watches over our garden...

Miniature Zen Garden

One miniature zen garden:

an old washtub found in a Laramie antique shop, drilled with some drain holes
sand for a bottom layer, then a goodly part of a large bag of top soil
some fun miniatures including a buddah, pagoda, guarding lion, and lantern
a tree for bonsai, some dwarf "mondo" grass (!!), and some lovely elfin thyme
a few hens 'n chicks...just cuz I love succulents
some fabulous rocks and granite from the Wasatch Range in Utah
a couple of bags of decorative rocks

the lantern lights...cool, huh? 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekend Warriors

Time for some of those projects we have been thinking about but have not had the time to start!

First up - Lisa's patio. Unfortunately, I didn't take a true 'before' pic, but I can tell you that it was crushed gravel with random broken shells in a space that was not user friendly or inviting at all. So, we set about to change that! A few pavers, some paver sand, and a lot of shovel-labor later, we now have a very inviting little patio! 

After day 1

On the property was a rusting out metal chiminea, so we took it apart and utilized the heavy top (turned upside-down) as a base for a unique table for the patio. For the top, we used three pieces of flagstone - that little table isn't going anywhere, that's for sure!

Add a chair and a sweet water feature and this is all so zen!

I think she likes it! (haha! I made her laugh!)
this isn't the true 'before' pic, either...it was a complete mess! This was after day 1

Next, was the former (defunct) water feature. I wanted to turn it into a rock garden - I have always wanted one to feature succulents. I envisioned a type of dry creek bed, so I set about arranging rocks. Heavy rocks. Then, I added the bottom of the rusting chiminea, just for some fun garden junk. After much arranging, stealing from other parts of the yard (especially cool driftwood and river rock), adding some new resident plants, I ended up with this:

I want to add many more succulents to all the fun holes and crevices in the rocks...

here is a closer view from the back side - I am so pleased! And sore...
 I couldn't have done it without Chuck and Lisa - we worked our butts off, frankly! 

And, then we sat and enjoyed the sunshine.
It was a good weekend.

The Tay Cave

So excited for Tay to have his own space at the beach! While we were in Greece, Chuck found this sweet little trailer that had been completely redone on the interior...perfect for a young man's gaming cave! After some fancy, long-distance arrangements, it was soon sitting on our beach property. Once we got home, we quickly set about to fixing it up for our guy.

love the color scheme! 

complete with flat screen, DVD player, hard-wired internet, and the comfy mattress - perfect!

We're Back!!

We are back from Greece! And after returning, my computers decided to crash. Yes, both of them. I have spent the last week-ish fussing with trying to get them back to health and on the internet properly. What a hassle. But, all's well that ends well and I now have at least one "new" computer (meaning I had to remove everything and completely wipe it to factory specs!)

Not long after we returned from Athens, we had a vacation scheduled in Sunriver, Oregon, with Taylor. We had a great time. One of the souvenirs we brought home was this fabulous wind-dancer. We call it the Galaxy. Fun, huh?

It has taken its rightful place at the beach house...