Monday, November 3, 2014

The Novice Surfers

I love capturing pics of the human activity on the beach, as well as the glorious nature of the surroundings. Saturday, a group of four novice surfers, along with the girlfriend of one of them, ventured out with all their new gear to tackle the beautiful waves on Damon Point. While I am not thinking the waves were surfing-perfect, it probably was a good choice to start. Unfortunately, two of them got out past the waves, and two didn't.
lost the surfboard

ah...there it is!!

a special greeting in response to the mocking from beyond the waves -
this shot was actually a surprise, I thought he was waving! Well, he was, kinda.

Now they were just going to wait until the others made their attempts.  
the patient girlfriend
We didn't wait around to see how their first outing went. On our departure, I did mention to the girlfriend that she should have brought a book, as it looked like they would be a while. She chuckled and said she didn't think they would be long, since it was their first time out. A rather sage young women, indeed.

I hope they fared better than the surfers walking off the beach ahead of us with the broken board.

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