Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Photo Tour through the Garden

Welcome to our garden!

Re-vamp of an old, tired bed -
the lovely butterfly bush is now accompanied by a new cement bench,
some creeping myrtle and a lovely autumn fern.
Across from this space is the new garden swing  - who doesn't love a swing?

Two wonderful Greek-inspired columns are topped with more myrtle; in the background,
you can see my idea of a bird bath made from an antique pan and tray.

A giant bird-perch for all my feathered friends! The songbirds are frequenting it now,
especially since I fill the clam shells with birdseed. Come Fall, I am hopeful that
the kingfisher will be at home at the top! The three signs face the deck and say
good reminders!

one of the miniature gardens with thyme; I added white rocks collected on the beach

we have planted a LOT of lavender, in many varieties - Lisa made special
garden signs for a lot of our different plants in the garden

oh my gosh, Jack...we are NOT going to hurt the babies!!

The Fern Grotto - a shady area due to the neighbor's beautiful cedar trees; in this pic you can see one of the cool
columns, a wind-chime made by Connie & Len out of silver flatware, a new trellis to disguise some fence
damage, cool driftwood re-purposed from other parts of the yard, and LOTS of new ferns!
When they all grow up, it should be pretty awesome! We have sword ferns, maidenhair ferns, Japanese holly ferns and another generic type that we picked up locally. I would love to add a licorice fern, but more research is needed.

I have always wanted to have a rock garden, and here it is! Decorative grasses and succulents
provide color and texture to all the rocks that were left from a defunct water feature. We have tried
to re-purpose much of what was here when we bought the property, like the rusting chiminea

Lisa's patio - peace and serenity; we thought this sign was perfect!

the procession of ladies up the stairs with their bounty

We are becoming experts on deer-resistant plants, and here are two of them:
a corkscrew willow and an elderberry tree. We are also quickly learning
about the pests that like to eat them, like willow aphids :-(

We are not going to do much in the front, since we are not out there much...but want to
keep some curb-appeal. We added a sweet oriental lantern and some red decorative
grasses to add some texture and variety to the massive sword ferns already in
residence. Then, we made our own unique form of yard art:

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Ari C'rona said...

Lovely pics of our home, my friend! You rock as a gardener and decorator!:o)