Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Superdeeduper Sunny Saturday

We decided to take a 'day-trip' from our beloved North Beach to South Beach to see the property my Dad just purchased in Tokeland. On our way back from the amazing Washaway Beach (more on that in later posts, I'm sure), we stopped at this new little winery at the Westport Y.

stoppin' by the Cranberry Road Winery for a quick taste...
At this point the sunshine was so glorious I decided to bust out the camera. And since I had it out now, we decided to pay a visit to the local lighthouse.

The Grays Harbor Light, Washington's Tallest Lighthouse

love these types of shots

even the details mimick the design of the Lighthouse
 Then, it was off to Westport proper, but most of the shops and charter offices were closed for the season. So, we went to see the water...

Westhaven State Park, Westport - the favorite hangout for the surfers...
no surfers today, though.
And the highlight of the day was our stop at the Westport Winery. Warm and inviting, it boasts gardens, a restaurant, a gift shop, and FABULOUS wines!!

My new favorite - the Westport Winery

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Mole said...

It all looks so very wonderful and relaxing. I'm still staring at the last shot...wistfully. Don't need to tell you how very inviting the winery is!