Friday, November 14, 2014

Just Ducky!

The Mallard that said goodbye to us last Friday
I am so happy to be back home. Thankfully, the week went by quickly and I made it through another 5 days of Greek torture....um, I mean class...and a heavily weighted exam in my religion class. Not sure how I did on that, but it is all past history now.

welcome home!

When we arrived, the sun was bright and low in the beautiful blue sky and a plethora of ducks were hangin' out in front of our place. Not our regular Mallards, but a bunch of different ones - so cool!

so happy to see this guy - a Hooded Merganser

and a young female

I'm thinkin' these are Ring-Necked Ducks


Mole said...

Partial to ducks and to people who are ducky (perhaps my favorite British adjective, ducky is).

Enjoy being home!

Ari C'rona said...

Cool! Great pics of the ducks! I'll add them to my list of birds. :o)